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This lore was collected in response to queries from the French translator of the Liffey series, Jean-Francois Le Ruyet. It affords me the opportunity to clarify and expand many issues, not just of L.A. social history, but also of personal lore, as whim dictates. In May of 2001, I had the great pleasure of showing Jean-Francois around Jack's L.A. for a week, visiting the sites of his adventures. It was a confluence of the fictional and the real that only a post-structuralist could do justice.

It is a testament to Jean-Francois' knowledge of America and his fluency in the English language that in wading through the American trivia and Liffeyisms, his questions were so few. In many, many of the cases below, he suggested that he knew the answers but only wanted a confirmation. I have chosen to leave them all in.

Jack Liffey's translator Jean-Francois Le Ruyet deftly makes his way through a thicket of English prose.

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