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Searching for the daughter of a fading Hollywood star, Jack Liffey finds himself falling in love with her outsize screen image and questioning the impact of "celebrity" on his own consciousness. A devastating earthquake brings his search to its climax.

Pegasus Books, 2007 ISBN 1-933648-52-X

Reviews and Comment

Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune
"The best L.A. earthquake scenes ever, the best private detective making love to an old movie star moments ever, the most bearable private detective driving a beat-up car scenes ever (a 1979 AMC Concord), the hands-down winner in the long-running "Where is the Next Raymond Chandler Coming From?" sweepstakes -- all of these honors belong to The Cracked Earth by John Shannon, remarkably an original paperback just published by Berkley Prime Crime ($5.99). Where has Shannon been all our lives? The Concrete River, his first book about private eye Jack Liffey (Get it? Shannon and Liffey? Both rivers in Ireland?) was published by John Brown Books in Culver City, CA. Buy enough copies of his latest and maybe Berkley will republish it."

James Crumley, bestselling author of Bordersnakes
"The landscape of Los Angeles, both actually and metaphorically, has been deconstructed by writers from West to Chandler to Didion, but never quite as artfully as John Shannon does it in The Cracked Earth. A fine, interesting read."

Jim Sallis, author of the Lew Griffin Novels
"Last night I finished The Cracked Earth, which I think truly fine (over and again I found myself rereading sentences, especially the descriptions -- what a sense of place!) I wanted very much to thank you for the inscribed copy of this marvelous novel. It is treasured."

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Berkley Prime Crime, 1999 ISBN 0-425-16732-1
Out of print.


Faille Fatale

(French edition of The Cracked Earth)
L'Atalante, 2002 ISBN 2-84172-205-8

"The Liffey books have a unique way of bypassing clich�s on L.A. John Shannon takes us straight into the moveable culture of that city and makes us feel the grace and resonance of his prose in multi-faceted action. His novels are both a challenge and a delight to translate."

        --J.F. Le Ruyet, French translator of the Liffey series

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