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While detective Jack Liffey is convalescing from a collapsed lung from his last case, he is called to his hometown of San Pedro, shipyard to Los Angeles, where an inexplicable string of mysterious accidents have befallen local residents; a child turns up missing, a fishing boat sinks, a life's work is destroyed�and Japanese playing cards with cryptic notes are left at the scenes. At the same time we read snatches from the diary of Joe Ozaki, an enraged Japanese American ex-Green Beret who has vowed to avenge U.S. misdeeds against his father and other Japanese Americans interned during World War II.

After a stunning family surprise, Jack eventually has to cross paths with Joe Ozaki. The showdown between Jack and Ozaki comes to a head on a sealed-off Terminal Island, where escape is difficult and the final outcome is anyone's guess.

May 2004. ISBN 0-7867-1337-2.

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