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Fortified with alcohol, they set off in an old Cadillac convertible on a wild and dangerous quest. Dieter is a rootless German journalist who has tracked down his disaffected American friend Clay, once a hard-charging writer, but now an aimless Harley-rider. Dieter's arrival stirs up the traces of a three-generation saga of the American Left. What was done to Clay's grandmother, the socialist-feminist muckraker? To his father, the stormy Communist agitator and strike leader? To Clay's own New Left hopes for a better America? The answer erupts from their shattering odyssey into the dark side of America. Soon to be published in a three-volume French edition.

Reviews and comments:

Mike Harris, L.A. Times
Thoughtfulness, wit, well-rounded characters and lean, readable prose.

Clancy Sigal, author of Going Away
A formidably good idea, and the scope of a good road movie!

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