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This book in the series takes Jack Liffey into Koreatown where a young film student , Soon-Lin Kim, has gone missing. But Jack is not alone in looking for her.

Soon-Lin's association with a militant group of radical Asians has also set Homeland Security in her pursuit. As usual bizarre details and compounding mysteries envelop Jack, and ultimately he finds himself sent by "extraordinary rendition" to a sinister private security compound in the desert. His made Gloria Ramirez mobilizes all her police contacts to track him down just as he is undergoing a torturous investigation.

While Jack is away, his daughter Maeve falls madly under the spell of a Latino gangbanger who lives nearby and runs off with him, with dire consequences.

In the hunt for Jack, mercenaries, armed radicals, and two SWAT teams all converge in a climax as explosive as the violent lightning storm approaching on the horizon.

January 2007 ISBN 1-933648-20-1 Pegasus Books $25

May 2008 Trade Paperback 978-1-933648-94-0 $13.95

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