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Jack Liffey's new girlfriend Gloria Ramirez, a police sergeant of Paiute-Latino heritage, talks him into looking into the disappearance of her 18-year-old niece, Luisa, from a tiny reservation in the Owens Valley. To escape abuse, the girl had threatened to run away to LA's porn industry, and does become caught up in phone sex, hostessing and finally the trashy business of videotaping the homeless engaging in wildly dangerous stunts.

Luisa is fought over by a motley band of lowlifes and would-be rescuers, including the Jamaican Trevor "Terror" Pennycooke, whom Jack knows from an earlier case. The hunt for Luisa comes together in the Malibu hills, where a bumbling army of suitors and rescuers touch off a gun battle and raging firestorm that sweeps Jack and everyone else down the Malibu hills toward the ocean.

May 2005 ISBN 0-7867-1543-X.

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