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A Little Too Much

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A Little Too Much cover

    Jack Liffey is hired to find a popular Arican-American actor, Ty Bird, who has disappeared from the set of a new movie.  It turns out that Bird, who is battling schizophrenia and a regular onset of playful hallucinations, is off on a hunt to find the father he never met.

    Meanwhile Jack's home life is falling apart -- his daughter, Maeve, has moved out to go to UCLA, and his partner, LAPD sergeant Gloria Ramirez has headed out of town to start a dangerous affair.

    As Jack begins to help Ty, he is led straight toward a Colombian drug gang gone on a deadly rampage through L.A.  Just as an angry Jamaican arrives to seek revenge.   


A Little Too Much cover

ISBN 2011 978-0-7278-6991-3

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